Hang out and learn with other sheep dogs

Criminal violence is a reality and your gun isn't a magic talisman. You need to hone your skills to be able to draw and fire fast and accurately when the time comes. Only through practice will those skills be muscle memory. Come join us and get access to our private concealed carry forums, videos, live fire and dry fire drills, and more!




Concealed carry training without the cost of a high-priced national school

One of those national schools will run you a few thousand dollars and in the end all you get is a few days of training. We have a better idea. Practice on your own time, in your home and your local range, and spend all that extra money on ammunition! With the Handgun Combat Accuracy Program, you give us your best eight weeks, at about 15 minutes a day for dry fire and one trip to the range per week, and we'll guide you through all the skills you need to become a great defensive shooter.


Nothing says hello like a 5.56

Sometimes a handgun just isn't enough. You want 30 rounds of 5.56 ripping out of your hands like some kind of mutant freak. An AR-15 will answer that call, but don't just order one like it's some kind of mail-order Russian bride (that's an AK afterall). You want to care for it and raise it like it's one of your own. Learn what parts you need, what vendors to use, and get yourself into that man-cave and build your baby. Our gift to you is Building an AR-15. Check it out today.